SexArt - Sybil A, Vanessa Decker (Bracelet) 01.06.17 720p (2017) HDTV

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Название: SexArt - Sybil A, Vanessa Decker (Bracelet) 01.06.17 720p
Год выхода: 2017
Раздел: Lesbian
Время: 22 мин

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Andrej Lupin’s “Bracelet” starts playfully with busty sex kitten Sybil A buying her raven-haired girlfriend Vanessa Decker some pretty jewelry as a souvenir of their vacation in Mallorca. Back at their apartment, Vanessa panics when she loses the bracelet, but is so overjoyed when Sybil finds it that she repays her by unzipping her top and sucking her gorgeous breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples as they harden. Vanessa strokes Sybil’s pussy lovingly through her white panties, then peels them off to eat her voraciously, looking up to enjoy the sight of her girlfriend being swept away on a wave of stimulation. Vanessa licks and digit-drills Sybil until she’s moments from orgasm, then moves her into spoons and resumes her tongue and finger service until Sybil succumbs to her touch and shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm. Now Sybil takes charge, straddling Vanessa’s statuesque body and kissing her avidly. Sybil dives between Vanessa’s legs and starts lapping at her shaven pussy with its neat little landing strip, sucking heartily on her meaty labia. As Vanessa starts to lose control, Sybil rolls her over onto all fours. Vanessa sticks her curvaceous ass high in the air and rubs her own clit as Sybil slides two fingers deep in her pussy. Vanessa slams back to meet every thrust of Sybil’s fingers, undulating ecstatically as she climaxes. Her body still shivering with the aftershocks of her orgasm, Vanessa cuddles into Sybil and they lose themselves in a tender lovers’ embrace.

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