Marc Dorcel - A force de Plaisirs VHS-Rip (1990) Other

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Название: Marc Dorcel - A force de Plaisirs VHS-Rip
Год выхода: 1990
Раздел: Classic / Retro
Время: 89 мин


Stars: Joy Karins, Laura Valerie, Christophe Clark, Frank Balard, Phillippe Soine, Jonathan Lester, Katia Lorov, Isabelle Lubert

Director: Michel Ricaud

Who could imagine what happens on this fine white yacht, which pitches gently along the peer? On this toy belonging to a young billionaire, is a room for orgies and frenetic

mating. A film by the master of sexual maneuvers: Michel Ricaud.

Buxom blonde Joy Karins sets out on a sailing trip with both her hubbie and her lover, and a bunch of her friends and girlfriends. Needless to say they all lose track of their

respective partners and end up in each other's bunk beds. Joy's husband Christoph ends up sharing his bunk with a leggy, anal-loving blonde, while Joy romps all across the deck

with her lover. She can't even resist a dark haired female rival and eats out her pussy while they're taking a swim. Meanwhile, two crewmembers lay some pipe in the boat's

engine room. The finale is a full-blown orgy in the diner room.

Scene 1. Isabelle Hubert, Jonathan Lester
Scene 2. Katia Lorov, Christoph Clark
Scene 3. Joy Karin's, Philippe Soine
Scene 4. Joy Karin's, Jonathan Lester
Scene 5. Isabelle Hubert, Joy Karin's
Scene 6. Joy Karin's, Philippe Soine
Scene 7. Laura Valerie, Frank Balard, Philippe Soine
Scene 8. Katia Lorov, Frank Balard
Scene 9. Isabelle Hubert, Joy Karin's, Laura Valerie, Frank Balard, Philippe Soine
Scene 10. Katia Lorov, Christoph Clark

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Формат: AVI
Размер: 1.27 Гб
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