Deep Throat (1972) DVDRip

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Название: Deep Throat
Год выхода: 1972
Раздел: Classic / Retro
Время: 60 мин

This movie set the stage for "Porno Chic" a time when it seemed okay to go out and see a "dirty movie" at the local theatre. Couples were going, along with groups of women, curious as to what the clamour was all about. The clamour was actually about this technique that Linda Lovelace was displaying in this movie. That is the true star of the movie. We can easily forget that this was a time when adult features were trying to have a storyline to gain acceptance with a mainstream audience so a story is included. The acting in this movie is okay as porn acting goes, luckily the one with the talented throat also could manage a few acting skills. Dolly Sharp as Linda's girlfriend Helen is funny and has an unusual look for those of us used to modern-day Bimbo porno queens. What ever happened to Dolly Sharp? Harry Reems is doing his best Groucho Marx imitation as the doctor who helps Linda with her "problem". The young looking blonde who is Reems' nurse just seems to be allowing her body to be used as she appears to be a million miles away emotionally and mentally. Great music. Rare to find a porn movie what has lyrics along with the action. Singing a song called "Bubbles" and making bubbling noises during an oral sex scene comes across pretty funny , but the song that is REALLY funny is the title song "Deep Throat" with such memorable lyrics as "Deep Throat, that's all she wrote, Deep Throat", we have had a lot of fun making up our own lyrics to this song. Highly recommended adult movie. Funny as hell, sexy and it will get you turned on. What more can one ask for in an adult film?

Director: Gerard Damiano.

Linda Lovelace ... Herself
Harry Reems ... Dr. Young
Dolly Sharp ... Helen
Bill Harrison ... Mr. Maltz
William Love ... Wilbur Wang
Carol Connors ... The Nurse
Bob Phillips ... Mr. Fenster
Ted Street ... Delivery boy
Jack Byron ... #11
Jack Birch ... #12 (as Michael Powers)
Gerard Damiano ... Last man

Studio: VCA Pictures.

Best Classic Release on DVD, AVN Awards, 2005.

Video: 640x464, 1431 kb/s, 25.000FPS AR 1.38:1.

Audio: MP3 VBR 130kbps.

Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Размер: 698.92 Мб
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Дата 10 февраля 2009 в 03:31   Неудачный комментарий  0  Хороший комментарий Из истории, Чуваки... фильм снят за 25 штук баков, а принёс прибыли около 600 тонн зелени в первый же год !!! До сиж пор являясь самым прибыльным порнофильмом всех времён !!! Режиссёр недавно скончался, а главная героиня тоже незадолго до этого погибла в катастрофе... а жаль клёвая была в молодости !!!

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