Savanna Samson (31 ролик) Пак All sex (2009) DVDRip

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Название: Savanna Samson (31 ролик) Пак All sex
Год выхода: 2009
Раздел: Hardcore
Время: 500 мин

Страна: USA
Жанр: All sex
Описание: Name: Savanna Samson
Height: 5ft 6in (1.65 m)
Weight: 115 lbs
Birth Date: October 14, 1974
Ethnic : White
Breasts : 34C
Waist: 24
Hips : 33
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Blue
Star Info:
Savanna Samson has made her job in exotic dancing into something she can actually be proud of. Savanna Samson is a physically gifted young blonde sex kitten, whose shapely figure and beautiful face has landed her in a career working for one of the largest porn studios around today - Vivid Video. Whats even crazier about that is they signed her after only seeing her in one flick!
Savanna Samson was born in Rochester, New York on October 14, 1974. She grew up in Watertown, a small town in upstate New York. She is 1 of 5 sisters, and from what we've heard, none of her sisters are anything to frown at either. Savanna grew up loving dancing and ballet. Little did she know her innocent childhood hobby would turn into something dirty and erotic!
By the time she had turned 20 years old she was a 5'5", 34C-24-34 serious piece of ass (with just a little help from surgery). She started stripping, and before she knew it she was dancing at the most widely known strip club in the entire world, Scores in New York City. She became friends with a regular there Howard Stern, and was soon thereafter making appearances on his TV and radio shows. One of her sessions on his show included the 'Savanna Game,' where Howard and his co-stars would bet on whether or not Savanna would answer simple question that pretty much everyone would know.
Savanna Samson has been spending most of her time now on her acting and dancing, and due to her frequent TV appearances the is a SAG card carrying member. Besides showing up on the Howard Stern show she has also appeared on The Late Night Show with David Letterman, and she MTV music awards hanging out with Kid Rock.
She signed a deal with Vivid in 2001 to appear in a bunch more hardcore flicks. One of her best red hot performances can be found in 'Girl of My Dreams'.
Savanna Samson has since then proven to be one of the hottest performers in the business. One look at her in action and you'll agree.

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Дата 24 февраля 2009 в 17:05   Неудачный комментарий  0  Хороший комментарий Девка хоть куда, я бы ей тоже дал какую нибудь премию xsaras спасиба

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Дата 24 февраля 2009 в 17:23   Неудачный комментарий  0  Хороший комментарий Старовата а все ровно хороша всем бы такую тридцатипятилетнюю жену

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