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Год выхода: 2008
Раздел: Packs
Время: 2000 мин

Austin Kincaid + Audrey Bitoni (Art of Seduction)

Дата выпуска: April 24, 2007
В ролях:Austin Kincaid, Audrey Bitoni
Описание:Audrey can't deal with the fact that her boyfriend laughs at her when she tries to be sexy and turn him on. She calls on sex pro Austin Kincaid to help her become the sexy seductress in the bedroom. Austin showed her the art of seduction from stripteasing, talking dirty to the all important climactic finish. Hot threesome action to say the least!

Ava Devine (Devine Lessons)

Дата выпуска: July 17, 2007
В ролях: Ava Devine
Описание: Our boy,Zane, had no idea what he was in for when he came for advice from our pro, Ava Devine. All he wanted was a few tips on how to fuck a super model good, but instead he got a full blown, hardcore lesson on Slut Fucking 101! She shows him the art of face fucking, roughing up a bitch, pussy hammering and cumming all over a sluts face, mouth and hair...that's right! This is another classic session!

Ava Lauren (SexPro to the rescue)

Дата выпуска: May 15, 2007
В ролях: Ava Lauren
Описание: Leah wrote to sexproadventures.com asking for some help. She claimed to be pretty inexperienced when it comes to sex and wanted to bring her sex life to the next level. SexPro Ava Lauren is one of our most qualified ones so we gave her the case. She met with Leah and her boyfriend and showed the young couple how to enjoy their sex life better. In the end Ava made Leah a pro and Leah won't be sexually insecure anymore.

Brooke Haven (A hole new pleasure!)

Дата выпуска: April 01, 2007
В ролях: Brooke Haven
Описание: Ms. Thorn calls on Brooke Haven because she absolutely does not enjoy anal sex. It wouldn't bother as much if her friends weren't raving about how much they love anal sex! Brooke showed Staci with the help of her 'stunt cock' the in/outs of anal sex literally. No longer will Staci be denied one of life's pleasures!

Candy Manson + Rachel RoXXX (The Apprentice)

Дата выпуска: April 5th, 2007
В ролях: Candy Manson, Rachel RoXXX
Описание: Rachel has an anatomy exam tomorrow and is unclear in one area...the male reproductive organ. Fortunately for her she bumps into a veteran sex pro Candy. Candy offers Rachel to come back to her place and there she will give her an extensive look and feel of the male organ. In the end Rachel was able to work her way around a cock with her eyes closed.

Carmella Bing + Pressley Maddox (The Apprentice)

Дата выпуска: June 12, 2007
В ролях: Carmella Bing, Pressley Maddox
Описание: Before hiring Pressley Maddox for our escort service, Mrs. Carmella Bing had to test out her performance skills. Mrs. Bing calls in on the stunt cock, Mr. Sins to come assist them in the testing. With much pussy licking and cock sucking, came the fucking, and then the final test.. The ability to take a huge load all over the face! This girl was seriously put to the test by Mrs. Bing come find out if she passes and gets the job!

Claudia Valentine (Pornstar in the making)

Дата выпуска: October 23, 2007
В ролях: Claudia Valentine
Описание: Chloe's dad won't give her any money anymore so to get money to cover her expenses, she decided to go into porn. She is aware of her lack of experience so she contacted SexPro Claudia Valentine and asked her to show her how to become a good pornstar. SexPro Claudia Valentine saw some real potential on Chloe, so she taught her everything she needed to know to make it big time in the porn industry.

Cody Lane + Mackenzee Pierce (Making her cum)

Дата выпуска: June 26, 2007
В ролях: Cody Lane, Mackenzee Pierce
Описание: Mackenzee has never had a real orgasm in her life and she is worried of being unable to have one. She seeks the help of Sex Pro Cody Lane to help her determine if she has a problem . Cody along with her faithful stunt cock show Mackenzee new ways to have sex and new positions that will allow her sex partners to reach her g-spot and make her have that long awaited orgasm. This new techniques made Mackenzee cum so much she will never have sex the way she used to again.

Danielle Derek (A star in the making!)

Дата выпуска: April 19, 2007
В ролях: Danielle Derek
Описание: Allison wants to get into the porn industry, one problem though...she doesn't know how to fuck! Allison can only boast about fucking three guys in high school and we all know going from high school straight to the majors is not easy!She called on sex pro to the stars Danielle Derek and she taught her everything from the blowjob to the facial. Allison was completely transformed. Can you say..best new starlet!

Daphne Rosen (Unleash the Beast)

Дата выпуска: April 02, 2007
В ролях: Daphne Rosen
Описание: Mrs.Hanah who has recently become single is looking to get back on the dating scene. She seeked the council of veteran sex pro Daphne Rosen who more than answered all her questions. In this scene you'll see why Mrs. Rosen is a highly regarded sex pro and how she unleashed the cougar within Miss. Hanah!

Devon Lee + Tiffany Price (Good sex heals all wounds)

Дата выпуска: April 10, 2007
В ролях: Devon Lee, Tiffany Price
Описание: Being dumped is never fun especially when the reason is that you're horrible in bed. This scenario comes to life courtesy of Tiffany Price who experiencd the aforementioned issue recently. Not to worry Devon Lee comes to rescue!Devon reassures the young lady that when she is finished with her she'll be the best fuck on every guys list.

Devon Michaels + Rachel Starr (The Threesome Problem)

Дата выпуска: October 09, 2007
В ролях: Devon Michaels, Rachel Starr
Описание: Johnny is in a big dilemma! His girlfriend wants to have a threesome and he feels that he won't live up to the performance. Luckily for him, he finds out about Sex Pro Adventures. Devon and Rachel are here to teach Johnny a few threesome sex tricks. Watch as they fuck the shit out of him.

Emilianna (Spicy and New)

Дата выпуска: April 04, 2007
В ролях: Emilianna
Описание: Ashley's issue is that the sex with her high school sweetheart is very boring. She wants to inject some excitement in their sex lives which is why she contacted the pro. Emiliana knew just the thing the couple needed and they both rendez-vous back at the house to meet the boyfriend. The couple definitely got what they paid for and boring will no longer be an adjective to describe their sex lives!

Eva Angelina (Doing it right)

Дата выпуска: September 11, 2007
В ролях: Eva Angelina
Описание: SexPro Eva Angelina's patient has problems pleasing the ladies. He says he needs to learn how to be good in bed because girls always complain about his performance. SexPro Eva Angelina knows that her patient has some potential. So she is going to show him exactly what girls like and expect from guys in bed...

Eva Angelina + Maya Gates (Tips and how-to's)

Дата выпуска: May 07, 2007
В ролях: Maya Gates, Eva Angelina
Описание: The very sexy Mya wanted to put on a surprise for her boyfriend so she invited her friend Eva Angelina over. Eva Angelina is a SexPro and she was more than happy to give Mya some advice on how to handle her boyfriend's big dick and show her some new positions. Mya's lucky boyfriend found his surprise very pleasing when he got home and was told about the whole plan these two sexy ladies had in mind. It all turned into a very hot hard core threesome action this guy will never forget.

Gianna Michaels + Paulina James (Coming of Age)

Дата выпуска: April 03, 2007
В ролях: Gianna Michaels, Paulina James
Описание: Paulina James a young teenager is dating an older guy. Now while the relationship is going well she's scared that her inexperience with sexual relationships will catch up to her later. So before her premonitions become true she sets an appointment with the highly regarded sex pro Gianna Micheals. In the end the only issue she had was to not out fuck her boyfriend.

Gina Lynn + Aline (Getting back into the )

Дата выпуска: June 21, 2007
В ролях: Gina Lynn, Aline
Описание: Aline and her husband have recently started a swinger lifestyle. They both liked their first experience as a swinger couple and would like to keep doing it but they've been told they suck in bed. So they call on SexPro Gina Lynn to teach them new positions and show them how to give better oral sex and get back into the swinging circle. Gina teaches them everything they need to know to fuck like pros and impress the whole swinging community.

Holly Wellin + Sophie Dee (Holly Gets Her First Anal )

Дата выпуска: June 19, 2007
В ролях: Sophie Dee, Holly Wellin
Описание: Holly is a bit nervous about having anal sex, luckly she bumps in to slutty Sex Pro Sophie Dee in the street!!! Holly's ass is tight as hell, but Sophie is sure that it will open up for a big hard dick!! By the time Holly's done her sex lesson she is going to be CRAVING more big hot dick in her ass!!!

Jaclyn Case + Brooke Banner (A Lesson Learned...)

Дата выпуска: May 29, 2007
В ролях: Brooke Banner,Jaclyn Case
Описание: Jaclyn's boyfriend is tired of lame fucking, especially lame head! So to please her man, Jaclyn seeks the help of Sex Pro, Brooke Banner! Brooke along with her trustee "stunt cock" give Jaclyn a couple of new tricks her man won't soon forget...or call lame!

Jada Fire (Monster in the making)

Дата выпуска: March 07, 2007
В ролях: Jada Firе
Описание: Renee Cruz is in her first relationship with a white guy. She is loving the experience but one thing is becoming increasingly frustrating...the sex is not aggresive enough as compared with her previous relationships with black and latino guys. Renee drags her relunctant boyfriend and pay the pro a visit. Jada and Renee both team up in this steamy scene and created a monster!

Katie Morgan + Patricia (Testing his skills)

Дата выпуска: July 24th, 2007
В ролях: Katie Morgan, Patricia
Описание: SexPro Katie Morgan and her assistant Patricia are dealing with a different case today. A male escort came to see them saying he needed to put his sexual skills to test because he was getting bad reviews by his clients. Katie understands the importance of having good skills in this business so she and Patricia gave him a session of good wild sex and in the end they reviewed his performance. His clients will be pleased by the new tricks he learned in this session.

Katja Kassin + Kelly Wells (Anal B-Day!)

Дата выпуска: June 05, 2007
В ролях: Katja Kassin, Kelly Wells
Описание: When it comes to anal, no one is more pro than our girl Katja! Today she will teach Kelly how to take it in the ass just as good as she does for her boyfriends birthday! Lucky bastard...

Kinzie Kenner + Brooke Belle (Happily ever after...)

Дата выпуска: July 10, 2007
В ролях: Kinzie Kenner, Brooke Belle
Описание: Brooke and her boyfriend are going through a though time as a couple. They don't seem to have the same sexual chemistry anymore and it has gotten to a point where he prefers to sleep on the couch and watch the baseball game than have sex with her. Tired of the situation; Brooke calls on SexPro Kinzie Kenner to help her work things out with her boyfriend and give them a tip or two on how to keep the spark alive.

Kissy Capri + Kristal Summers (Getting ready for college)

Дата выпуска: April 26, 2007
В ролях: Kissy Capri, Kristal Summers
Описание: Kissi just graduated from high school and she has no sex experience. She knows that she has to get ready for college sex life. Luckly for her, there was a SexPro ad in the yellow pages so she decided to call and set an appointment with SexPro Kristal Summers. Kristal was more than committed to make Kissi a Pro so she showed her the proper way to handle a cock and what a fast learner Kissi turned out to be.

Kayla Synz (Foreplay 101)

Дата выпуска: August 07, 2007
В ролях: Kayla Synz
Описание: Sergio's wife is upset by the fact that he doesn't give her enough foreplay when they have sex. He wants to surprise her this time so he hired the services of SexPro Kayla Synz to teach him how to eat pussy like a pro!!! Kayla not only gave him a whole tutorial on pussy eating but also showed him some tricks that will make his wife cum like never before!!!

Love Twins (It's all in the family)

Дата выпуска: September 25th, 2007
В ролях: Love Twins
Описание: John is pissed at his girlfriend Lacey, for not giving him what he wants in bed. She's been so lame lately that he doesn't want to do it with her anymore! Luckily for him Lacey's twin sister is a SexPro!! And she was more than happy to help them with their sexual problems. John was just thrilled with the idea of fucking both his girlfriend and her twin sister at the same time...

Mariah Milano (Rough sex)

Дата выпуска: August 28, 2007
В ролях: Mariah Milano
Описание: Kurt is afraid of losing his wife because she always complains about the way they have sex. She'd like him to be more aggressive in bed. So he asked SexPro Mariah Milano to teach him how to have wild rough sex and give it to his wife like those people in porn movies.

Maya Devine (Stress reliever)

Дата выпуска: October 16, 2007
В ролях: Maya Devine
Описание: Eric Swiss has problems managing his stress. It's affecting his sexual life and therefore his mariage. Luckily, he found a SexPro ad in his office. So he called and hired the services of SexPro Maya Devine. Maya, who is an expert in this kind of situations, showed Eric how to use sex as a stress reliever.

Mia Bangg (Big Bangg Theory)

Дата выпуска: April 08, 2007
В ролях: Mia Bangg
Описание: Mia overhears Isabella in a heated argument on the phone with her boyfriend about their sex life. Mia offers the young lady her help after seeing how upset she was. Isabella took her up on her offer after she found that Mia is a sex pro and has experience in helping alot of young couples. Mia definitely worked her magic on this young couple, the only thing heated after their session was the sex!

Mindy Main + Nikki Benz (Orally Challenged)

Дата выпуска: April 04, 2007
В ролях: Mindy Main, Nikki Benz
Описание: This valentines day is not a good one. This couple has a problem with their sex lives. Billy is complaining that his girlfriend can't give him a decent blowjob and Mindy's complaint is that he just can't eat her properly so she can't never climax. Sex Pro Nikki takes the couple through the motions and made it a Valentine's to remember.

Penny Flame + Holly West (All About Technique)

Дата выпуска: July 03, 2007
В ролях: Penny Flame, Holly West
Описание: Today our sexpro, Penny is going to show Holly how to handle a cock with care! Holly likes to pull and tug a little too rough for her man's taste so Penny and her helpful stunt cock will show her how to use that roughness...the right way! Holly will learn a new whip cream technique that is sure to blow you away! Enjoy!

Rachel Starr + Riley Shy (Handling a big cock)

Дата выпуска: August 21, 2007
В ролях: Rachel Starr, Riley Shy
Описание: Today SexPro Rachel Starr receives Riley who is an inexperienced young girl who wants to learn how to handle a big cock. Rachel specializes on big cock handling and she was more than happy to teach Riley all the techniques she needed to learn in order to take on a big fat cock without a problem.

Ricki White + Savannah Stern (Satisfying the ladies)

Дата выпуска: May 22, 2007
В ролях: Ricki White, Savannah Stern
Описание: Justin has a real problem. He doesn't know how to please women sexually and that has hurt his self esteem considerably. He called on SexPro Savannah Stern to help him perform better in bed and satisfy his new girlfriend because he's afraid of getting dumped for being a bad fuck... again. Savannah and her hot assistant Ricki, fucked his brains out and showed him what women REALLY like in bed!

Richelle Ryan + Evie Dellatossa (SexPro apprenticeship)

Дата выпуска: November 27, 2007
В ролях: Richelle Ryan, Evie Dellatossa
Описание: Evie wanted desperately to become the next big SexPro, well she came to the right person. Not only can Richelle show her how to suck but to fuck also. We gotta watch out for Evie, with the skills she has now, i wouldn't be surprised if we see lots more of her.Great Scene!!!

Roxy Summers + Nikki Benz (Boring Sex Life)

Дата выпуска: October 30, 2007
В ролях: Roxy Summers, Nikki Benz
Описание: Roxy stumbled upon a sex pro pamphlet and was intrigued because her and her husband Joe are having some problems in the bedroom. Who's the sex pro that came into the equation? Nikki Benz! Nikki got her hands dirty with some hands-on training and by the end had molded the couple into sex pros themselves.

Sara Jay (Fingering technique)

Дата выпуска: September 04, 2007
В ролях: Sara Jay
Описание: Zane realized that no matter what he tries, he doesn't seem to be able to make his girlfriend cum so he hired the services of SexPro Sara Jay to help him with his situation and show him what women REALLY like in bed. SexPro Sara Jay is and expert in foreplay so she showed him how to eat pussy like a pro and finger his girlfriend's pussy just right. Zane proved to be a fast learner and made SexPro Sara Jay cum many times during the session...

Sara Jay + Riley Chase (Third Party Action!)

Дата выпуска: April 06, 2007
В ролях: Sara Jay, Riley Chase
Описание: Sex Pro Sara Jay is dealing with a couple today that each have their own issues in the bedroom. The guys complaint is that he can get a better blowjob from the breeze outside and his girlfriend equally unsatisfied complains that her boyfriend doesn't fuck her hard. A huge task was laid ahead for the pro but handled it is what she did!

Sativa Rose (Dorks have rights too)

Дата выпуска: August 14, 2007
В ролях: Sativa Rose
Описание: Seth is 26 and he is still a virgin. He has no idea of how to get pussy so he called the SexPro agency and booked an appointment with Sativa Rose to teach him how to get the ladies. SexPro Sativa Rose not only taught him all he needed to know about getting pussy but also thanks to the "hands-on training" she got Seth laid for the first time ever!!

Shy Love (Teachings from the book of)

Дата выпуска: September 18, 2007
В ролях: Shy Love
Описание: This young man Seth is having a great deal of trouble trying to understand and follow the instructions in the Sex Pro book of Kamasutra. He nearly popped his blow up doll trying to reenact the sex positions in the book, so before he made a casualty of a real girl he called on Sex Pro, Miss. Love for aid. She brought out the sex god in Seth and it made for a very hot scene!

Shyla Stylez (Teaching Stylez)

Дата выпуска: April 30th, 2007
В ролях: Shyla Stylez
Описание: У Kelly проблемы с удовлетворением ее парня в постели. Единственная вещь, которую она умеет правильно делать - это целоваться, все остальное, что следует за поцелуем для Kelly полностью потеряно. Боясь потерять своего парня, она зовет секс-эксперта Shyla на помощь, которая ей очень нужна. Shyla показывает этой парочке все, что профессионал должен знать и все это постепенно переросло в одну большую оргию!

Sienna West + Alexis Love (Lame Fuck)

Дата выпуска: July 31, 2007
В ролях: Sienna West, Alexis Love
Описание: When Alexis is told by her man that she is a lame fuck (while fucking!) she decides to get some professional help from our pro, Sienna West. Sienna helps her relax with a little vodka before bringing out her stunt cock to show Alexis the opposite of lame fucking...GREAT FUCKING! The best part of the session is the participation of all 3 parties at once, sucking, licking and fucking each others brains out! Something tells me Alexis may be our next pro after this lesson!

Sunny Lane (Porn tutorial)

Дата выпуска: October 02, 2007
В ролях: Sunny Lane
Описание: SexPro Sunny Lane is dealing with a guy that wants to be a pornstar but has been rejected from many porn productions after passing an audition. He says he needs to learn how to fuck like a pro so he can get a job in the adult industry. So SexPro Sunny Lane showed him the most popular positions in porn movies from the classic "missionary" to the very important "money shot".

Trina Michaels + Sarah Vandella (Performing like a Pro)

Дата выпуска: May 03, 2007
В ролях: Trina Michaels, Sarah Vandella
Описание: Sarah's boyfriend loves to watch porn. At first she was upset and felt that she couldn't identify with that but then she watched some and got turned on by all the hot action going on in such movies. She then decided to call SexPro Trina Michaels to help them both her and her boyfriend to perform like porn stars in bed and improve their boring sex life.

Veronica Rayne + Rachel Starr (Starr Treatment)

Дата выпуска: November 13, 2007
В ролях: Veronica Rayne, Rachel Starr
Описание: Veronica was looking for an exciting anniversary present so she decided to call on Rachel Star, the sex pro. Excitement is what they wanted and excitement is what Rachel provided. The three engaged in some very hot steamy threesome action. Veronica's husband didnt mind one bit as they gave him the best sex of his life!

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